I saw a piece of art and it’s not in the app. How do I find out more information?

Please email us with details. You can use the ‘+’ icon at the bottom of the map view in the app, or send it to

We know there is a lot of art that is not yet in the app, and we are working to add more over the next few months. Your emails and requests help us determine what to prioritize.

I have a suggestion about improving the app?

Please let us know any ideas you have for improvements. Email is best.

We already have several upgrades planned, and are eager to hear your feedback.

If I submit location changes, are you tracking me somehow?

Location adjustments are completely anonymous. You can adjust the location of works of art, and share your changes with us, even if you do not allow the app access to your current location.

When you save a location adjustment, the information transmitted includes the details about where the pins appear on the map, identifying details about the art, and the version of the app you are using. There is nothing that is personally identifiable.

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