Portland’s art is everywhere. And now it’s on your iPhone, too.

Public Art PDX is a free app for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch that showcases the rich and diverse collection of Public Art on display in and around Portland, Oregon, USA.

Map View

Download Public Art PDX from the App Store

The map view shows the location of more than 400 works of art in the metro area, from historic statues and fountains to photography, architectural integrations and murals created this year. High-quality images, details about the work, descriptions and artists’ statements are all just a tap away:

Mural View

With this app, you can:

  • Find art near you by discipline, such as sculpture, painting, fiber or ceramic
  • Tap a pin to see an image, details about the artwork and a description or artist’s statement
  • Discover art you never knew about tucked inside public buildings, such as fire stations
  • Explore art available in neighborhoods you’ve never visited
  • Email information about specific works of art to your friends
  • Search the collection by title or artist
  • See your current location on the map to navigate among the works of art
  • Adjust the precise location of works of art to help us improve the map for everyone

Planning Your Visit

Not in Portland? No problem. If the app discovers you are out of the area, or can’t determine your location accurately, it will start you off with a map view showing art in downtown Portland. You can move the map around from there, and find works of public art to see on your next visit. Once you arrive in Portland, your location will appear on the map along with the art, making it easier to get oriented and find art close to where you’re staying and the places you’re visiting.

Adding to the Map

We’ll be adding artwork over the next few months. We’re eager to hear your ideas and feedback on how to make this app better.

Created in collaboration with the Regional Arts & Culture Council, the City of Portland’s Bureau of Technology Services and the staff of Mayor Sam Adams. See the About page for more information.

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